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  • January 2017 Compliance Report
    Updated On: Feb 15, 2017
    Scott King


    National Office: 14001 E. Iliff Avenue, Suite 217 • Aurora, CO 80014 Tel: 303.752.AMFA (2632)  •  Fax: 303.362.7736

    Compliance Reminder

    February 14, 2017

    Awareness has been raised regarding damage to cargo panels as there are several maintenance documents that direct Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) to inspect the cargo compartment panels for damage. The primary concern when inspecting these panels is the aspect of fire containment. The Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) gives damage limitations and should be consulted when investigating any damage that has been noted. At Southwest there are maximum damage limits within the B737NG AMM for damage that may be repaired. Attention to tape condition is also important in sealing the cargo compartments to minimize the oxygen amount.

    Another area of concern involves the types of tires on the Southwest B737-800 fleet. Radial tires have been introduced into the -800 fleet. These tires are marked with a blue stripe on the wheel and tire and the word “Radial” is stenciled on the sidewall. Of most importance is the fact that both tires on the landing gear must be of the same type, the intermixing of radial and bias tires is not allowed.  Attention to detail is highly important when determining tire replacement type.

    There was a memorandum distributed to all SWA Technical Operations Employees on January 3, 2017, that concerned the reporting of potential noncompliance. As a licensed Airframe and Powerplant Technician you have the right to protect yourself and your license by utilizing the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP). We are all human and mistakes can happen, so take every precaution to avoid them, but know that AMFA’s involvement with ASAP is to utilize a non-punitive program to ensure the continued safety of flight where our AMTs are concerned. All AMTs should become familiar with the ASAP process - it is a good idea to be prepared.

    In closing, please remember to stay focused on your task at hand. Do not let the distractions of everyday life re-direct your attention away from what is happening in front of you. We all need to ensure that each of us is able to return home each day to the families we love and support.  It is extremely important to watch out for ourselves and each other, that’s the essence of being in a Union.

    In Solidarity,

    Scott King

    National Safety & Standards Director



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