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  • SWA attempting to steal Ken Hackett's GoFundMe money!
    Updated On: Feb 02, 2018

    February 2, 2018

    AMFA Members,

    After weeks of discussions, AMFA and Southwest Airlines were able to agree on most of the terms surrounding the Back-Pay award regarding the reinstatement of our brother Ken Hackett.

    Unfortunately, the Company was unwilling to resolve all of the issues. Most notably, and of interest to us all, is the Company’s position regarding the Go Fund Me account that all of you so generously contributed to in support of Ken during the time he was wrongfully unemployed.

    Southwest Airlines has now compounded its belligerent actions of wrongfully terminating our brother Ken and holding him out of work for ten months. Indeed, they are now withholding Ken’s back-pay in the amount of the Go Fund Me account that was established to support him. This, in effect, means that your generous donations to support our Brother during his time in need has been hijacked through the blunt power of the purse, and now resides in the Company’s coffers.

    This is an unbelievable abuse of your generosity. It is certain that none of you meant for your hard-earned money to be collected by the airline when you donated to support your brother in a time of need. The Company would fire any of us at the slightest allegation of theft – but apparently Southwest has no issue attempting to steal the hard?earned donations you made in support of Ken. Every single person who donated to this fund should be outraged. I encourage each of you who contributed to be sure that Southwest Airlines understands that your donation was meant for Ken – not Southwest Airlines.

    We will be returning the arbitrator to resolve the matter in the coming weeks. We fully expect that we will prevail in the matter, and Ken will finally be paid what he is owed by the airline. It truly is sad that a company once hailed as one of the best places to work in America is now what we see today.

    Thank You.

    Craig Hamlet

    AMFA Local 11; Airline Rep
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