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  • AMFA National Officer Election 2020 Election Notice
    Updated On: Jun 22, 2020

    AMFA National Officer Election – 2020 Election Notice

    AMFA National is conducting an election in accordance with Article VII of the AMFA Constitution to fill the following positions: National Director, Assistant National Director, National Secretary/ Treasurer, National Safety and Standards Director, Region I Director, and Region II Director. The term of office for these positions will commence on October 5, 2020, and the duties for these positions may be found in Article VI of the AMFA Constitution.

    The candidates for National Office are as follows:

    National Director*                               Bret Oestreich - Local 11

    Assistant National Director                 Pat Amore - Local 18

                                                                Louie Key - Local 14

                                                                Cameron Lampley - Local 18

                                                                Gene Painter - Local 11

    National Secretary/Treasurer             Jay Johnson - Local 11

                                                                Rui Leonardo - Local 32

    Safety & Standards Director*             Scott King - Local 11

    Region I Director*                              Earl Clark - Local 32

    Region II Driector                              Wilbur "Will" Abbott- Local 11

                                                               Rob Cush - Local 11

    *As the candidates for these positions are running unopposed, their names will not appear on the ballot.

    Votes for this election will be cast using the ElectionBuddy system. All active members in good standing are eligible to vote in this election. Note: Any member whose membership dues, fees, and/or assessment obligations have not been reconciled is a member in bad standing, and therefore, is ineligible to vote.

    The Election Notice and Voting Instructions will be emailed to eligible voters who have a personal email address on file with AMFA National by June 30, 2020. Election Notice and Instructions POSTCARDS will also be sent to the address on file with AMFA National. Any eligible member who has not received voting instructions via one of these means by July 13, 2020, or anyone having questions about the voting process, should contact the Administration Director at 720-744-6629.

    Members may vote in this election from June 30, 2020, to 10:00AM ET on August 10, 2020, the date of the vote tally. The results will be released by August 11, 2020.

    In an effort to provide AMFA members with basic information about candidates for union office, AMFA National has offered all candidates in this election an opportunity to submit a candidate profile along with their picture. Candidate Profiles may be viewed on the AMFA National Web site at: www.amfanational.org.

    Bret Oestreich                                                                                                    June 22, 2020

    National Director



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