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    July 1st, 2024 AMFA Local 4 Proposed Amendments Vote Results We are pleased to announce the results of the vote for the AMFA Local 4 Bylaws proposed amendments. The voting was conducted by BallotPoint Services and took place between June 10, 2024, and June 30, 2024. The proposed amendments have been successfully voted on by the members.
    Download: AMFA4_Bylaws_Tally_Report_with_Intent_Statement.pdf

    May 24, 2024   TO: Members of AMFA - Local 4 RE: Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMT) Day        Today, we celebrate the great work of Aviation Maintenance Technicians who ensure the safety and reliability of aircraft.
    Download: 2024 AMT Day - Message to the Members.pdf

    2024 Scholarship Fund It is time for the 2024 AMFA Local 4 Scholarship Fund! The scholarship fund is used to assist the members and their dependents to offset the cost of continuing education. Five (5) scholarships will be awarded in the amount of $1000.00 each. The funds will be drawn from the Local 4 Scholarship fund and administered in accordance with our Local 4 Bylaws.
    Download: 2024 Scholarship Fund.pdf , AMFA Local 4 Scholarship Application.pdf , Local 4 Scholarship Fund rules-04.17.23.pdf

    Attached, you will find the dispositions from our Bylaws Committee, which has recently reviewed several proposed amendments to our bylaws. In accordance with the procedures outlined in Article XI, Section 2D of our bylaws, we are distributing the list of proposed amendments one week prior to the scheduled Bylaws meeting.
    Download: 2024 Bylaw Proposals Dispositions.pdf , Dispositions of Local 4 2024 Bylaw Amendment Proposals.pdf , Summary of Local 4 Bylaw Amendment Proposals.pdf

    Following our recent call for nominations to the Professional Standards Committee, we are pleased to announce the successful formation of our new committee. The nominees have successfully signed and returned the Willingness to Serve form. The term for this position will last for two years, commencing in April 2024 and concluding in April 2026.
    Download: Professional Standards Committee Members.pdf

    Dear Members: It is an absolute honor to be representing skilled aircraft maintenance professionals and continuing the unification of these professions under one craft-specific union. 2023 has come to a close, and we can proudly reflect on the Association’s many achievements last year in both the United States and Canada. AMFA leadership has proactively and purposefully committed to raising standards and increasing the recognition of our craft/trade in the aviation industry. Guiding non-unionized, skilled workgroups to unionize exemplifies AMFA’s influence on labor in the aviation industry, and it is evident that craft-specific representation under AMFA is desired. In March 2023, AMFA was certified to represent its seventh airline/employer, and I predict further accelerated growth in the new year as more skilled workgroups seek AMFA

    Download: 20240102_NP_Monthly_Update_Nov_and_Dec.pdf
       In recent months, our Officers and Representatives have been handling Company issues, observing industry concerns, and collaborating on ongoing matters by sharing information. We've begun Station Visits to bring the Union to members out in the workplace. Progress is slow, but we'll reach all locations to meet most members eventually. Each workgroup and location is different and may experience similar yet different challenges, so there is not a “one size fits all approach”. I encourage you all to continue to reach out directly to AMFA Officers and Reps as your first point of contact. We can help offer clarification, support, and resolve workplace issues or stressful situations you may be facing. For members at Southwest Airlines, I want to address some of the systemic issues regarding workplace compliance and emphasize that safety is paramount in our industry. In response to the recent engine cowling incidents, the Company has taken severe measures to prevent future occurrences.

    Download: President's Update - 2nd Quarter of 2024.pdf

    July 22, 2024

    In March 2022, Local 4 partnered with Stars & Stripes, a Union print shop, to launch the AMFA Local 4 - Online Store for our members. The Online Store offers North American-made products through their secure ordering platform, ensuring safe payment processing, and direct shipment of merchandise to you. 

    The goal is to prioritize USA or North American, Union-made products whenever possible, while utilizing Union labor for all customizations. Purchases from our Online Store support local jobs, families, and the economy, promoting a stronger future while advocating for Union workers and equal benefits for American workers.

    The AMFA Local 4 - Online Store will remain open as long as members support it, maintaining merchandise availability based on membership interest.

    AMFA Local 4 does not manage or operate the online web-store. Our Union remains a non-profit organization, meaning no profits will be gained from Online Store sales.

    By visiting the Stars & Stripes web-store and using their service, you agree to their service agreement, privacy policy, and terms. Please note that all purchases are made to order and require a processing time of 3-4 weeks from the order date at the print shop. Some orders may experience extended processing due to inventory/stocking issues.

    If you have any questions regarding the status of your order, please reach out to Stars & Stripes first.

    Telephone: (888)-706-0600

    Email: Online@starsandstripeschicago.com 

    If you have not already done so, we need your assistance in participating in a brief merchandise survey. Feedback is an essential part in making this Online Store platform successful, so the membership can enjoy the products they want to see available. The survey data will support the platform, provide accurate membership apparel sizing, aid in future Union promotional merchandise, and bulk product orders.

    Thank you for your time and willingness to fill out the survey form!

    Upcoming Events

    General Membership Meeting
    Jul 24, 2024
    Joint Advisory Council (JAC) Meeting
    Sep 09, 2024
    Nashville, TN
    General Membership Meeting
    Oct 24, 2024
6102 S. Archer Ave. #102
Chicago, IL 60638

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