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Local 4 President Update
Mar 26, 2024

March 26, 2024

Local 4 President Update: 1st Quarter

          Since the beginning of the new year, it has been very busy amongst the LEC as we’ve made progress on several tasks and projects. The year started off with a mindset and goal to reconnect, recognize, and re-engage with our membership. I'm still putting together a plan that will be beneficial to our Local, by prioritizing communications and technology at the forefront. As an Association, we need to be flexible and be able to adapt in these modern times if we want to reach every member, particularly the incoming new generation of technicians and engineers.

Most of you may have noticed that recently, our Local website has received a new look. The update was accomplished a few weeks ago, to allow for modernizing the platform and minor changes for easier navigation where members can access information quickly. If you have not had the chance to log on to www.amfa4.com, take a moment and go check it out.

Within Local #4, a membership registration audit was also conducted. The goal was to identify active dues paying members of the Local so we can successfully reach those members with all communications, news, voting initiatives, as well as continue an ongoing effort to get more new members registered. Regarding voting, I would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the process since the beginning of the year. There have been a lot of nominations for a variety of positions, including a few committees. Additionally, I would also like to recognize all of the Officers, Representatives, and Committee members that continue to show their dedication and willingness to step up to fill the many roles and duties within AMFA.

As an LEC, this year it will be a priority for us to meet our members in order for us to survey your needs and concerns about our Association. As we prepare to arrange station visits across our Local, we are working collaboratively on this item together. Specific dates and time will be shared with all of our Reps within each station and we will provide information on the website as well.

Last week, I attended the (JAC) Joint Advisory Council meeting in Denver, Colorado. For those unfamiliar with this bi-annual gathering, it is designed to bring together Union leadership from all AMFA-represented carriers to further debate matters of mutual interest, create policy, and offer guidance to the NEC regarding the Union's goals and objectives. Some highlights from the JAC were discussions around the implementation of a new hire dual-registration process for National and each respective Local; all while utilizing QR codes during the initial Union orientation. There were also many discussions about elevating our craft to the youth. An important component of this was being able to deliver results through the legislative side of our Union on Capitol Hill. AMFA was able to push legislation and take the lead in changing the regulations concerning Part 147 schools for aviation maintenance training through the AMFA PAC - Political Action Committee. Additionally, AMFA also became an advisor for labor after forming a partnership with the Aviation Technical Education Council (ATEC) and continuing to drive reform within our industry. The AMFA PAC is important to our craft's future and safeguarding our profession, so I encourage you all to check out National’s webpage to learn more about this Committee.

Our Local Bylaws and the AMFA Constitution are both amendable this year, which is significant throughout the Association. At the Local level, a Committee is currently reviewing Bylaw proposals before we gather in late April to continue our discussion with members at a scheduled meeting. In addition, the National Constitutional Convention will be held in Austin, Texas, in May of this year. It is a time where elected delegates come together to make changes to the foundational principles, rules, and governance structure of the Union. The Bylaws & Constitution both equally provide an opportunity for members to democratically shape the direction and values of the Union, ensuring transparency, accountability, and representation of the collective interests of the membership.

In closing, we have a lot of work ahead for Local 4 and as always we ask for our members to stay engaged whenever possible. The next GMM is scheduled for Tuesday, April 23rd and we invite all our members to join us.

In Solidarity,

Peter Stoch


AMFA Local 4


9624 S. Cicero Ave # 356
Oak Lawn, IL 60453

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