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Understanding Professional Standards

Professional standards reflect a commitment by AMFA members, officers, and representatives to uphold the highest level of professionalism, safety, and standards across all carriers. This commitment is pivotal to protecting and enhancing the prestige of our craft. Traditionally, peer pressure or verbal conflicts were the main methods used to address individuals failing to meet these standards. However, this approach often left conflicts unresolved or escalated them to management, lacking a formal avenue for addressing unsafe practices or behaviors among peers.

The Professional Standards Committee (PSC)

The establishment of the Professional Standards Committee (PSC) marks a significant evolution in how we manage professional and ethical issues within AMFA. Comprising a chairman and 4 – 6 committee members within each local, the PSC is dedicated to addressing concerns involving officers, representatives, mechanics, appearance techs, GSE mechanics, and facilities maintenance staff.

Approach and Methodology

The committee's approach is characterized by its non-judgmental, non-accusatory, and non-confrontational stance. Every member is treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. The PSC intervenes in situations such as personality conflicts, non-adherence to standard procedures, and verbal or written attacks on the reputation of members. It does not, however, handle grievances, substance abuse, or medical-related issues.

Resolving Conflicts at the Member Level

Our belief is that the PSC will alleviate the burden on local management by addressing day-to-day conflicts. Union members are encouraged to resolve disagreements or concerns about adherence to standards directly through the committee, promoting resolution within the AMFA community. This approach fosters a supportive environment, allowing issues to be resolved amongst members across different locations, classifications, and even unions.

Confidential and Constructive Resolution

The PSC ensures that all discussions remain confidential, with no notes or files retained. The focus is squarely on rectifying differences, resolving interpersonal disputes, and enhancing professional skills. Although not fully recognized by Southwest Airlines as of yet, the airline has begun to use the PSC for these purposes, underscoring its value within the AMFA framework.

Contact and Information

For members seeking more information or wishing to address a concern, the PSC is a resource available to you. By contacting your local AMFA representative, you can learn more about how the committee can assist in resolving professional or ethical issues, furthering our collective commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and safety within the aviation industry.

Safety & Standards Chair:

Kevin Stauske, MKE Line Service

Professional Standards Committee:

Victoria Hessong, ATL Appearance

Dave Tennant, BWI Line Service

Floyd Francis, BWI Line Service

Donnie Smith, MDW HGR RON

Ben Wagner, MDW HGR RON

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